February 17, 2009

Notes from Around the Web

While I wait to read accounts of the Jerusalem Book Fair, which is taking place this week, I am becoming acquainted with the roster of top Israeli writers (determined by the number of languages into which their works have been translated), released by the Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature. (Overall winner: Amos Oz.)
I'm beginning to think Josh Lambert never sleeps. Last week brought yet two more excellent pieces with his byline. First, there was this deeply engaged review of Arguing the Modern Jewish Canon: Essays on Literature and Culture in Honor of Ruth R. Wisse. Having studied with Professor Wisse myself, I found the review particularly worthwhile. And then, Josh introduced Nextbook's readers to an underappreciated Jewish-American author: Sam Astrachan.
Birthright Israel-NEXT is looking for a Director of Communications. If you're a "tech-savvy communications maven" in New York City and want to find out more, click here.

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