November 8, 2009

Notes from Around the Web

The Jewish Week reports that author Jonathan Safran Foer is working on a Haggadah, which will also include contributions from other Jewish writers. Expect it to be available in time for Passover 2011, from Little, Brown.
As Veterans' Day approaches, this column from Deborah Dash Moore reminds us of "The World That Jewish Veterans Built." And I am thinking especially of two Jewish veterans who remain in my heart: my grandfather, Sam Dreifus, and my rabbi and friend, Barry H. Greene.
As a child, I read Esther Hautzig's The Endless Steppe, so I was saddened to read Hautzig's obituary earlier this week.
Zeek's new Web site has gone live.


jessica handler said...

I didn't realized Esther Hautzig had died. I read "The Endless Steppe," too, and have never forgotten it.

Erika D. said...

Yes, sad news, isn't it?