December 9, 2009

Notes from Around the Web

Loved this article on Jewish life in Montana. My six-year-old niece, rapidly acquiring proficiency in Hebrew, was intrigued when I told her about the dog mentioned in the article, who understands commands only in Hebrew (not in English). On the other hand, Jack Shafer is far less impressed.
Josh Lambert's latest books column for Tablet opens with an introduction to a new book about antisemitism in 19th-century France.
Leaping ahead to the 20th century, Ian Buruma's review essay on books about Jews--and others--in Occupied France is well worth a read.
And in selecting the top foreign fiction for 2009 for NPR's listeners, Jessa Crispin spotlights Israeli author Gail Hareven's novel, The Confessions of Noa Weber (trans. Dalya Bilu). A choice I applaud.

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