March 18, 2010

Notes from Around the Web

Love this treasure from Tablet: excerpts from nine fiction writers revealing literary treatment of the Sabbath. The nine? Elisa Albert, Shalom Auslander, David Bezmozgis, Nathan Englander, Tova Mirvis, Lev Raphael, Jonathan Rosen, Philip Roth, and Isaac Bashevis Singer. What prompted this feature? Judith Shulevitz's new book, The Sabbath World.
The Forward reports on another upcoming literary event: the second International Writers Festival in Jerusalem, which will run May 2-May 6.
Linda K. Wertheimer describes how a recent writing workshop triggered a memory of being (along with her brothers) the only Jew(s) in school.
Too much interesting and important material on Jeffrey Goldberg's blog to provide you with updates myself. Just be sure to go over there at least once in awhile. If you have limited time, be sure to read this post first.

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