March 29, 2010

Notes from Around the Web

This weekend, I was at my parents' home, where I picked up the latest copy of Jewish Woman magazine. Featured on the cover: author Amy Sohn. And within the pages: an article on the current state of "Chick Lit" and the role of Jewish women writers within the genre.
Also within this spring issue of Jewish Woman, book critic Sandee Brawarsky writes about a cluster of new books: Amy Bloom's Where the God of Love Hangs Out, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein's 36 Arguments for the Existence of God, Risa Miller's My Before and After Life, Ligia Rave's Hanah's Paradise, and a pair of novellas written by a pair of sisters: Feeding Mrs. Moskowitz and The Caregiver, by Barbara Pokras and Fran Pokras Yariv, respectively. Meantime, Sue Tomchin spotlights Dani Shapiro's memoir, Devotion.
Over on my Practicing Writing blog, I recently provided the first of what I expect to be many updates concerning the pre-publication path I'm following along with my short story collection, Quiet Americans. The initial post details my plan to donate portions of proceeds from book sales to The Blue Card.

I don't expect to post to My Machberet for at least a couple of days, so let me wish you all a very Happy Passover!

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