January 10, 2009

Notes from Around the Web: Gaza Edition

If you aren't already following Jeffrey Goldberg on current events in Israel and Gaza, just go over and start. Really. Just do it. He earned my admiration with his book, and he's sustaining it now. So just go read him. Did I say you should go read him?
Tired of the cries of how "disproportionately" Israel is responding? So am I. And so is Jonathan Mark.
We'd certainly be horrified if Hamas's (or Hezbollah's, or--substitute a relevant Islamist group of your choice's) actions provoked attacks on Arabs/Muslims elsewhere. So why isn't there more outrage about the violence against and victimization of Jews worldwide who have become targets of aggressors' anger toward Israel? Like the Jewish girl who "was beaten in a northern Paris suburb by schoolmates who claimed revenge for Israel's offensive in Gaza"? Or these incidents? I could post more, surely, but maybe that's enough to get the point across.
Think there's a corresponding prayer like this for the children of Israel appearing in the Palestinian/Arab press? Somehow, I doubt it. This is certainly one case where I'd love to be proven wrong.

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