January 14, 2009

Notes from Around the Web

Believe it or not, not everything I'm reading on the Web these days is about what's happening in Israel and Gaza. Here are few other noteworthy items:

The prolific (to say the least) Adam Kirsch reviews a new history of French cultural life under Nazi occupation for Nextbook. (And I'm prompted to post my first-ever Internet comment in French!)
Also on Nextbook: A fascinating account describes how a new book of immigrant autobiographies--My Future is in America: Autobiographies of Eastern European Immigrants--came to be. (I seem to have found the perfect book to buy as a gift for my mother's upcoming birthday.)
Not sure exactly how/where I was pointed to this one (possibly, the credit must go once again to Nextbook), but here's an article chronicling the increasing popularity of Limmud, "the festival of festivals."

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